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03.01.2006  Allergy - March 03, 2006 - March 08, 2006 62nd Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Miami, FL, United States
02.01.2006  Pulmonology- January 30, 2006 - February 01, 2006 42nd Annual Meeting of The Society of Thoracic Surgeons New Orleans, LA, United States
25.12.2005  We are most happy and honoured to invite you to the 9th Annual Congress of Turkish Thoracic Society (TTS), the largest congress in pulmonary medicine in Turkey. The congress will take place in Sungate Port Royal Hotel located in Beldibi region of Kemer in Antalya between April, 19-23, 2006.



Branş editörü : KJ Lee

2002 Impact Factor, 2003 Impact Factor, |0-0,5| |0,5-1| |1-2| |2-4| |>4|

AbbreviationJournal TitleISSNIF 2003
AGGRESSIVE BEHAVAggressive behavior.0096-140X1
ANN PHYS-PARISAnnales de physique.0003-41691
HERPETOL MONOGRHerpetological monograph.0733-13471
J ASTHMAThe Journal of asthma : official journal of the Association for the Care of Asthma.0277-09031
J ELECTRON MICROSCJournal of electron microscopy.0022-07441
J FORAMIN RESJournal of foraminiferal research.0096-11911
J GUID CONTROL DYNAMJournal of guidance, control, and dynamics : a publication of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics devoted to the technology of dynamics and control.0731-50901
J PUBLIC HEALTH DENTJournal of public health dentistry.0022-40061
J TOXICOL-TOXIN REVJournal of toxicology. Toxin reviews.0731-38371
PARASITOL RESParasitology research.0932-01131
PHOTODERMATOL PHOTOPhotodermatology, photoimmunology & photomedicine.0905-43831
EUR J OBSTET GYN R BEuropean journal of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive biology.0301-21151,002
J VET DIAGN INVESTJournal of veterinary diagnostic investigation : official publication of the American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians, Inc.1040-63871,005
IEEE T MAGNIEEE transactions on magnetics.0018-94641,006
EUR J IMMUNOGENETEuropean journal of immunogenetics : official journal of the British Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics.0960-74201,009
ANN TROP MED PARASITAnnals of tropical medicine and parasitology.0003-49831,01
CYTOPATHOLOGYCytopathology : official journal of the British Society for Clinical Cytology.0956-55071,011
INTERN MED JInternal medicine journal.1444-09031,012
VITISVitis / herausgegeben im Auftrage der Bundesforschungsanstalt fur Rebenzuchtung Geilweilerhof.0042-75001,012
ACTA CYTOLActa cytologica.0001-55471,013
RHEUMATOL INTRheumatology international.0172-81721,013
INT J BIFURCAT CHAOSInternational journal of bifurcation and chaos in applied sciences and engineering.0218-12741,014
J CHILD NEUROLJournal of child neurology.0883-07381,014
MAR FRESHWATER RESMarine & freshwater research.1323-16501,014
OPHTHAL PHYSL OPTOphthalmic & physiological optics : the journal of the British College of Ophthalmic Opticians (Optometrists).0275-54081,016
ORAL DISOral diseases.1354-523X1,016
SCAND J CLIN LAB INVScandinavian journal of clinical and laboratory investigation.0036-55131,016
CLIN REHABILClinical rehabilitation.0269-21551,017
UROL RESUrological research.0300-56231,017
B ENTOMOL RESBulletin of entomological research.0007-48531,018
EXP TOXICOL PATHOLExperimental and toxicologic pathology : official journal of the Gesellschaft fur Toxikologische Pathologie.0940-29931,018
MED CLIN-BARCELONAMedicina clinica.0025-77531,018
SCAND J PUBLIC HEALTScandinavian journal of public health.1403-49481,018
INT J VITAM NUTR RESInternational journal for vitamin and nutrition research. Internationale Zeitschrift fur Vitamin- und Ernahrungsforschung. Journal international de vitaminologie et de nutrition.0300-98311,019
J MOL STRUCTJournal of molecular structure.0022-28601,021
FAM PRACTFamily practice.0263-21361,023
LAB ANIM-UKLaboratory animals.0023-67721,023
FAM MEDFamily medicine.0742-32251,025
SEMIN NEUROLSeminars in neurology.0271-82351,025
NEUROL RESNeurological research.0161-64121,026
FIELD CROP RESField crops research.0378-42901,027
ORAL SURG ORAL MED OOral surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology, oral radiology, and endodontics.1079-21041,027
AM J DENTAmerican journal of dentistry.0894-82751,029
IEEE T SYST MAN CY BIEEE transactions on systems, man, and cybernetics. Part B, Cybernetics : a publication of the IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society.1083-44191,029
J AM SOC HORTIC SCIJournal of the American Society for Horticultural Science. American Society for Horticultural Science.0003-10621,033
ACTA ZOOL-STOCKHOLMActa zoologica (Stockholm, Sweden)0001-72721,034
BIOTECHNOL APPL BIOCBiotechnology and applied biochemistry.0885-45131,034
FUND CLIN PHARMACOLFundamental & clinical pharmacology.0767-39811,037
J AOAC INTJournal of AOAC International.1060-32711,037
OPTOMETRY VISION SCIOptometry and vision science : official publication of the American Academy of Optometry.1040-54881,038
MED VET ENTOMOLMedical and veterinary entomology.0269-283X1,04
AGR SYSTAgricultural systems.0308-521X1,041
COLLECT CZECH CHEM CCollection of Czechoslovak chemical contributions.0010-07651,041
EUR J HISTOCHEMEuropean journal of histochemistry : EJH.1121-760X1,041
J MED ETHICSJournal of medical ethics.0306-68001,041
NUCL INSTRUM METH BNuclear instruments & methods in physics research. Section B, Beam interactions with materials and atoms.0168-583X1,041
J BURN CARE REHABILThe Journal of burn care & rehabilitation.0273-84811,042
ZOOL-ANAL COMPLEX SYZoology (Jena, Germany)0944-20061,042
INT J ORAL MAX SURGInternational journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery.0901-50271,043
CRYPTOGAMIE ALGOLCryptogamie. Algologie.0181-15681,044
SOIL SCISoil science.0038-075X1,044
INT STAT REVInternational statistical review. Revue internationale de statistique.0306-77341,045
SOMATOSENS MOT RESSomatosensory & motor research.0899-02201,045
ADV THERAdvances in therapy.0741-238X1,047
CAN J PLANT PATHOLCanadian journal of plant pathology. Revue Canadienne de phytopathologie.0706-06611,047
J NEMATOLJournal of nematology.0022-300X1,048
VASC PHARMACOLVascular pharmacology.1537-18911,048
FOOD MICROBIOLFood microbiology.0740-00201,049
CLIN NEUROPATHOLClinical neuropathology.0722-50911,051
OTOLARYNG HEAD NECKOtolaryngology and head and neck surgery.0194-59981,051
J AM ANIM HOSP ASSOCJournal of the American Animal Hospital Association.0587-28711,052
AM J RHINOLAmerican journal of rhinology.1050-65861,055
J ENDODONTJournal of endodontics.0099-23991,056
WEED RESWeed research.0043-17371,056
ECOL ENGEcological engineering.0925-85741,058
BIODIVERS CONSERVBiodiversity and conservation.0960-31151,06
EUR J RADIOLEuropean journal of radiology.0720-048X1,06
BRAIN COGNITIONBrain and cognition.0278-26261,063
PREV VET MEDPreventive veterinary medicine.0167-58771,063
ASIAN J ANDROLAsian journal of andrology.1008-682X1,064
CHAOS SOLITON FRACTChaos, solitons, and fractals.0960-07791,064
RISK ANALRisk analysis : an official publication of the Society for Risk Analysis.0272-43321,064
J THROMB THROMBOLYSJournal of thrombosis and thrombolysis.0929-53051,066
ADV RENAL REPLACE THAdvances in renal replacement therapy.1073-44491,067
J AM OIL CHEM SOCJournal of the American Oil Chemists' Society.0003-021X1,067
J REHABIL MEDJournal of rehabilitation medicine : official journal of the UEMS European Board of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.1650-19771,068
J ROY STAT SOC A STAJournal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series A, (Statistics in Society).0964-19981,068
VET DERMATOLVeterinary dermatology.0959-44931,068
J AM DENT ASSOCThe Journal of the American Dental Association.0002-81771,069
SOC STUD SCISocial studies of science.0306-31271,069
INVERTEBR BIOLInvertebrate biology : a quarterly journal of the American Microscopical Society and the Division of Invertebrate Zoology/ASZ.1077-83061,071
J GERIATR PSYCH NEURJournal of geriatric psychiatry and neurology.0891-98871,072
CR ACAD SCI III-VIEComptes rendus de l'Academie des sciences. Serie III, Sciences de la vie.0764-44691,073
OTOL NEUROTOLOtology & neurotology : official publication of the American Otological Society, American Neurotology Society [and] European Academy of Otology and Neurotology.1531-71291,073
NEUROSURG REVNeurosurgical review.0344-56071,074
EUR HEART J SUPPLEuropean heart journal supplements : journal of the European Society of Cardiology.1520-765X1,075
TRANSPL IMMUNOLTransplant immunology.0966-32741,075
Z GASTROENTEROLZeitschrift fur Gastroenterologie.0044-27711,076
BEHAV NEUROLBehavioural neurology.0953-41801,077
PLANT SYST EVOLPlant systematics and evolution = Entwicklungsgeschichte und Systematik der Pflanzen.0378-26971,077
EUR J PROTISTOLEuropean journal of protistology.0932-47391,08
ACTA ODONTOL SCANDActa odontologica Scandinavica.0001-63571,083
INTEGR COMP BIOLIntegrative and comparative biology.1540-70631,083
KNEE SURG SPORT TR AKnee surgery, sports traumatology, arthroscopy : official journal of the ESSKA.0942-20561,083
MAR MAMMAL SCIMarine Mammal Science.0824-04691,083
ANN OTO RHINOL LARYNThe Annals of otology, rhinology, and laryngology.0003-48941,085
BIOCATAL BIOTRANSFORBiocatalysis and biotransformation.1024-24221,085
INT J HYG ENVIR HEALInternational journal of hygiene and environmental health.1438-46391,085
REPROD FERT DEVELOPReproduction, fertility, and development.1031-36131,086
SURG LAPARO ENDO PERSurgical laparoscopy, endoscopy & percutaneous techniques.1530-45151,086
MULTIVAR BEHAV RESMultivariate behavioral research.0027-31711,087
J CHEMOTHERAPYJournal of chemotherapy (Florence, Italy)1120-009X1,088
TELEMED J E-HEALTHTelemedicine journal and e-health : the official journal of the American Telemedicine Association.1530-56271,088
WASTE MANAGEWaste management (New York, N.Y.)0956-053X1,088
BRAIN RES PROTOCBrain research. Brain research protocols.1385-299X1,089
BRIT J MATH STAT PSYThe British journal of mathematical and statistical psychology.0007-11021,089
BRIT J RADIOLThe British journal of radiology.0007-12851,089
EUROPACEEuropace : European pacing, arrhythmias, and cardiac electrophysiology : journal of the working groups on cardiac pacing, arrhythmias, and cardiac cellular electrophysiology of the European Society of1099-51291,089
CELL BIOL INTCell biology international.1065-69951,092
DIAGN CYTOPATHOLDiagnostic cytopathology.8755-10391,092
EARLY HUM DEVEarly human development.0378-37821,092
INT J BIOL MARKERThe International journal of biological markers.0393-61551,092
J RECEPT SIG TRANSDJournal of receptor and signal transduction research.1079-98931,093
CAN J MICROBIOLCanadian journal of microbiology.0008-41661,094
J ROY STAT SOC C-APPApplied statistics.0035-92541,094
J TELEMED TELECAREJournal of telemedicine and telecare.1357-633X1,094
CONTACT DERMATITISContact dermatitis.0105-18731,095
ACTA RADIOLActa radiologica (Stockholm, Sweden : 1987)0284-18511,096
AM SCIAmerican scientist.0003-09961,097
ARCH ORAL BIOLArchives of oral biology.0003-99691,098
WILDLIFE SOC BWildlife Society bulletin.0091-76481,098
J HAZARD MATERJournal of hazardous materials.0304-38941,099
AGING CLIN EXP RESAging clinical and experimental research.1594-06671,1
COMMUNITY DENT ORALCommunity dentistry and oral epidemiology.0301-56611,1
DIABETES METABDiabetes & metabolism.1262-36361,1
EUR J MED RESEuropean journal of medical research.0949-23211,1
CAN J VET RESCanadian journal of veterinary research = Revue canadienne de recherche veterinaire.0830-90001,101
CANCER NURSCancer nursing.0162-220X1,101
SEIZURE-EUR J EPILEPSeizure : the journal of the British Epilepsy Association.1059-13111,102
CHEM PHARM BULLChemical & pharmaceutical bulletin.0009-23631,103
ACAD MEDAcademic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges.1040-24461,104
CAN J NEUROL SCIThe Canadian journal of neurological sciences. Le journal canadien des sciences neurologiques.0317-16711,104
MICROCHEM JMicrochemical journal, devoted to the application of microtechniques in all branches of science.0026-265X1,106
EUR J MASS SPECTROMEuropean journal of mass spectrometry (Chichester, England)1469-06671,107
AUTON ROBOTAutonomous robots.0929-55931,11
MICROBIOL IMMUNOLMicrobiology and immunology.0385-56001,111
CURR EYE RESCurrent eye research.0271-36831,113
INT J PROSTHODONTThe International journal of prosthodontics.0893-21741,113
CAN J ZOOLCanadian journal of zoology.0008-43011,115
J AIR WASTE MANAGEJournal of the Air & Waste Management Association.1047-32891,115
PHILOS T ROY SOC APhilosophical transactions. Series A, Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences.1364-503X1,115
GROUND WATERGround water.0017-467X1,116
SPINAL CORDSpinal cord : the official journal of the International Medical Society of Paraplegia.1362-43931,116
SCAND J INFECT DISScandinavian journal of infectious diseases.0036-55481,117
EXP PARASITOLExperimental parasitology.0014-48941,119
IEEE T NUCL SCIIEEE transactions on nuclear science.0018-94991,119
INT J HEMATOLInternational journal of hematology.0925-57101,119
BRAIN INJURYBrain injury : [BI].0269-90521,12
POLAR RESPolar research.0800-03951,12
CLIN SPORT MEDClinics in sports medicine.0278-59191,121
GENET TESTGenetic testing.1090-65761,121
ACTA OPHTHALMOL SCANActa ophthalmologica Scandinavica.1395-39071,124
BIOL PHARM BULLBiological & pharmaceutical bulletin.0918-61581,124
CURR MICROBIOLCurrent microbiology.0343-86511,125
J CARDIOV MAGN RESONJournal of cardiovascular magnetic resonance : official journal of the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance.1097-66471,125
J FISH DISJournal of fish diseases.0140-77751,127
J LAPAROENDOSC ADV AJournal of laparoendoscopic & advanced surgical techniques. Part A.1092-64291,127
ACTA PAEDIATRActa paediatrica (Oslo, Norway : 1992)0803-52531,128
BURNSBurns : journal of the International Society for Burn Injuries.0305-41791,128
MOL CELLSMolecules and cells.1016-84781,128
CARDIOVASC DRUG THERCardiovascular drugs and therapy / sponsored by the International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy.0920-32061,129
NURS RESNursing research.0029-65621,129
PATIENT EDUC COUNSPatient education and counseling.0738-39911,13
J BIOMOL STRUCT DYNJournal of biomolecular structure & dynamics.0739-11021,131
RADIAT ENVIRON BIOPHRadiation and environmental biophysics.0301-634X1,131
AM J DERMATOPATHThe American Journal of dermatopathology.0193-10911,132
BIOL CONTROLBiological control : theory and applications in pest management.1049-96441,132
PACEPacing and clinical electrophysiology : PACE.0147-83891,132
J ECONOMETRICSJournal of econometrics.0304-40761,135
OPER DENTOperative dentistry.0361-77341,136
TREES-STRUCT FUNCTTrees (Berlin, Germany : West)0931-18901,136
INT J CLIN PRACTInternational journal of clinical practice.1368-50311,137
J PARASITOLThe Journal of parasitology.0022-33951,137
MINERAL MAGMineralogical magazine.0026-461X1,137
J VET MED EDUCJournal of veterinary medical education.0748-321X1,138
PHYTOMEDICINEPhytomedicine : international journal of phytotherapy and phytopharmacology.0944-71131,138
IBISThe Ibis.0019-10191,139
PUBLIC HEALTH REPPublic health reports (Washington, D.C. : 1974)0033-35491,139
AUST J GRAPE WINE RAustralian journal of grape and wine research.1322-71301,143
CHINESE J PHYSIOLThe Chinese journal of physiology.0304-49201,143
J SYNCHROTRON RADIATJournal of synchrotron radiation.0909-04951,144
MATER RES BULLMaterials research bulletin.0025-54081,144
PHARMACOL RESPharmacological research : the official journal of the Italian Pharmacological Society.1043-66181,144
ALTERN THER HEALTH MAlternative therapies in health and medicine.1078-67911,145
HEALTH POLICY PLANNHealth policy and planning.0268-10801,145
MOL ECOL NOTESMolecular ecology notes.1471-82781,145
AM STATThe American statistician.0003-13051,146
J PLANT PHYSIOLJournal of plant physiology.0176-16171,149
ASAIO JASAIO journal (American Society for Artificial Internal Organs : 1992)1058-29161,15
BIOL BULL-USThe Biological bulletin.0006-31851,15
CLIN EXP OPHTHALMOLClinical & experimental ophthalmology.1442-64041,151
DRUG DEVELOP RESDrug development research.0272-43911,151
BIOL FERT SOILSBiology and fertility of soils.0178-27621,152
CELL MOL BIOLCellular and molecular biology (Noisy-le-Grand, France)0145-56801,153
J CHROMATOGR SCIJournal of chromatographic science.0021-96651,153
CLIN APPL THROMB-HEMClinical and applied thrombosis/hemostasis : official journal of the International Academy of Clinical and Applied Thrombosis/Hemostasis.1076-02961,154
CAN J CHEMCanadian journal of chemistry.0008-40421,157
EUR J PEDIATREuropean journal of pediatrics.0340-61991,157
J CLIN PHARM THERJournal of clinical pharmacy and therapeutics.0269-47271,157
AM SURGEONThe American surgeon.0003-13481,158
COMPUT MED IMAG GRAPComputerized medical imaging and graphics : the official journal of the Computerized Medical Imaging Society.0895-61111,158
MED ONCOLMedical oncology (Northwood, London, England)1357-05601,159
PHYSIOL MEASPhysiological measurement.0967-33341,159
VOX SANGVox sanguinis.0042-90071,161
SWISS MED WKLYSwiss medical weekly : official journal of the Swiss Society of Infectious Diseases, the Swiss Society of Internal Medicine, the Swiss Society of Pneumology.1424-78601,162
LEUKEMIA LYMPHOMALeukemia & lymphoma.1042-81941,163
PATHOL INTPathology international.1320-54631,163
LETT APPL MICROBIOLLetters in applied microbiology.0266-82541,164
SEED SCI RESSeed science research.0960-25851,164
ACTA OBSTET GYN SCANActa obstetricia et gynecologica Scandinavica.0001-63491,166
NUCL INSTRUM METH ANuclear instruments & methods in physics research. Section A, Accelerators, spectrometers, detectors and associated equipment.0168-90021,166
UROL ONCOL-SEMIN ORIUrologic oncology.1078-14391,167
AIDS PATIENT CARE STAIDS patient care and STDs.1087-29141,169
NURS OUTLOOKNursing outlook.0029-65541,169
BIOCHEMISTRY-MOSCOW+Biochemistry. Biokhimiia.0006-29791,17
COMPUT PHYS COMMUNComputer physics communications.0010-46551,17
JPN J APPL PHYSJapanese journal of applied physics.0021-49221,171
J GREAT LAKES RESJournal of Great Lakes research.0380-13301,172
VET RECThe Veterinary record.0042-49001,172
CLIN REV ALLERG IMMUClinical reviews in allergy & immunology.1080-05491,173
J ZOOLJournal of zoology (London, England : 1987)0952-83691,175
CLIN BIOMECHClinical biomechanics (Bristol, Avon)0268-00331,176
INT J MED INFORMInternational journal of medical informatics.1386-50561,178
BRIT J BIOMED SCIBritish journal of biomedical science.0967-48451,179
J GASTROENTEROLJournal of gastroenterology.0944-11741,179
CANCER DETECT PREVCancer detection and prevention.0361-090X1,18
PHYSICA APhysica A.0378-43711,18
CLIN PERINATOLClinics in perinatology.0095-51081,181
AM J VET RESAmerican journal of veterinary research.0002-96451,182
DEEP-SEA RES PT IIDeep-sea research. Part II, Topical studies in oceanography.0967-06451,182
CIRC JCirculation journal : official journal of the Japanese Circulation Society1346-98431,183
J CLIN LAB ANALJournal of clinical laboratory analysis.0887-80131,183
CLIN NUTRClinical nutrition (Edinburgh, Lothian)0261-56141,185
PALLIATIVE MEDPalliative medicine.0269-21631,185
BIOSCIENCE REPBioscience reports.0144-84631,186
J ENVIRON MONITORJournal of environmental monitoring : JEM.1464-03251,186
MED EDUCMedical education.0308-01101,188
J CUTAN MED SURGJournal of cutaneous medicine and surgery.1203-47541,189
MANUAL THERManual therapy.1356-689X1,189
DRUG DELIVDrug delivery.1071-75441,191
J FLUORINE CHEMJournal of fluorine chemistry.0022-11391,193
COMPLEMENT THER MEDComplementary therapies in medicine.0965-22991,194
J ULTRAS MEDJournal of ultrasound in medicine : official journal of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine.0278-42971,194
J IND MICROBIOL BIOTJournal of industrial microbiology & biotechnology.1367-54351,195
VET SURGVeterinary surgery : VS : the official journal of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons.0161-34991,196
J ATHL TRAININGJournal of athletic training.1062-60501,198
CAN J ANAESTHCanadian journal of anaesthesia = Journal canadien d'anesthesie.0832-610X1,2
J FISH BIOLJournal of fish biology.0022-11121,2
J MICROBIOL BIOTECHNJournal of microbiology and biotechnology.1017-78251,202
TRANSPLANT INTTransplant international : official journal of the European Society for Organ Transplantation.0934-08741,204
J EVAL CLIN PRACTJournal of evaluation in clinical practice.1356-12941,205
PARASITOL INTParasitology international.1383-57691,205
CARDIOVASC INTER RADCardiovascular and interventional radiology.0174-15511,207
FOREST ECOL MANAGForest ecology and management.0378-11271,207
J MAMMALJournal of mammalogy.0022-23721,207
AM J PRIMATOLAmerican journal of primatology.0275-25651,208
J DAIRY RESThe Journal of dairy research.0022-02991,209
CAN J APPL PHYSIOLCanadian journal of applied physiology = Revue canadienne de physiologie appliquee.1066-78141,211
AQUAT BOTAquatic botany.0304-37701,214
MED CARE RES REVMedical care research and review : MCRR.1077-55871,214
ENVIRON SCI POLLUT REnvironmental science and pollution research international.0944-13441,216
LASER MED SCILasers in medical science.0268-89211,216
EUR J ANAESTHEuropean journal of anaesthesiology.0265-02151,217
ANIM LEARN BEHAVAnimal learning & behavior.0090-49961,219
J HEART VALVE DISThe Journal of heart valve disease.0966-85191,219
PEDIATR NEPHROLPediatric nephrology (Berlin, Germany)0931-041X1,219
EUR FOOD RES TECHNOLEuropean food research and technology = Zeitschrift fur Lebensmittel-Untersuchung und -Forschung. A.1438-23771,22
EXP PHYSIOLExperimental physiology.0958-06701,22
BIOCHEM ENG JBiochemical engineering journal.1369-703X1,221
CLIN CARDIOLClinical cardiology.0160-92891,221
J INFECTIONThe Journal of infection.0163-44531,221
APPL ANIM BEHAV SCIApplied animal behaviour science.0168-15911,222
ARTIF INTELL MEDArtificial intelligence in medicine.0933-36571,222
J EXP ANAL BEHAVJournal of the experimental analysis of behavior.0022-50021,222
CLIN EXP DERMATOLClinical and experimental dermatology.0307-69381,223
CELLULOSECellulose (London, England)0969-02391,224
CONDORThe Condor.0010-54221,225
ACTA NEUROL SCANDActa neurologica Scandinavica.0001-63141,226
ENVIRON INTEnvironment international.0160-41201,226
THER APHER DIALTherapeutic apheresis : official journal of the International Society for Apheresis and the Japanese Society for Apheresis.1091-66601,229
ECOL ECONEcological economics : the journal of the International Society for Ecological Economics.0921-80091,23
NUCL MED COMMUNNuclear medicine communications.0143-36361,23
TOXICOL PATHOLToxicologic pathology.0192-62331,23
WEED SCIWeed Science.0043-17451,23
BRAIN DEV-JPNBrain & development.0387-76041,231
J VECTOR ECOLJournal of vector ecology : journal of the Society for Vector Ecology.1081-17101,231
COMPUT CHEMComputers & chemistry.0097-84851,233
J DENTJournal of dentistry.0300-57121,233
CLIN MEDClinical medicine (London, England)1470-21181,236
B CHEM SOC JPNBulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan.0009-26731,237
CLIN AUTON RESClinical autonomic research : official journal of the Clinical Autonomic Research Society.0959-98511,237
J FORENSIC SCIJournal of forensic sciences.0022-11981,237
ANN HEMATOLAnnals of hematology.0939-55551,241
ANN CLIN BIOCHEMAnnals of clinical biochemistry.0004-56321,242
ARCH OTOLARYNGOLArchives of otolaryngology--head & neck surgery.0886-44701,242
ORAL MICROBIOL IMMUNOral microbiology and immunology.0902-00551,242
AGRON JAgronomy journal.0002-19621,243
J CLIN LASER MED SURJournal of clinical laser medicine & surgery.1044-54711,243
PEDIATR NEUROLPediatric neurology.0887-89941,243
VASC MEDVascular medicine (London, England)1358-863X1,247
AUST J AGR RESAustralian journal of agricultural research.0004-94091,248
EUR J ORAL SCIEuropean journal of oral sciences.0909-88361,248
VET JVeterinary journal (London, England : 1997)1090-02331,25
BRIT J SPORT MEDBritish journal of sports medicine.0306-36741,253
POULTRY SCIPoultry science.0032-57911,253
ANAL CELL PATHOLAnalytical cellular pathology : the journal of the European Society for Analytical Cellular Pathology.0921-89121,255
BMC INFECT DISBMC infectious diseases [electronic resource].1471-23341,255
Z PSYCHOSOM MED PSYCZeitschrift fur Psychosomatische Medizin und Psychotherapie.1438-36081,255
NUTR NEUROSCINutritional neuroscience.1028-415X1,256
ONCOL REPOncology reports.1021-335X1,256
METAB BRAIN DISMetabolic brain disease.0885-74901,257
AM FAM PHYSICIANAmerican family physician.0002-838X1,258
AUTON NEUROSCI-BASICAutonomic neuroscience : basic & clinical.1566-07021,258
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MEAT SCIMeat science.0309-17401,669
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J PHYSIOL PHARMACOLJournal of physiology and pharmacology : an official journal of the Polish Physiological Society.0867-59101,674
ORIGINS LIFE EVOL BOrigins of life and evolution of the biosphere : the journal of the International Society for the Study of the Origin of Life.0169-61491,678
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MOL CELL BIOCHEMMolecular and cellular biochemistry.0300-81771,763
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ANTI-CANCER DRUGAnti-cancer drugs.0959-49731,938
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VIRAL IMMUNOLViral immunology.0882-82451,942
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LIFE SCILife sciences.0024-32051,944
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J SURG ONCOLJournal of surgical oncology.0022-47901,991
GLOBAL PLANET CHANGEGlobal and planetary change.0921-81811,993
ELECTROCHIM ACTAElectrochimica acta.0013-46861,996

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